Em Cee Squared has over 14 years of experience, and we have done countless weddings! We have one of the best prices in the Chicago area, and we won’t burden you with different lighting and sound packages. Planning a wedding can be stressful enough with many other important decisions; we won’t add to that stress. We work hand and hand with the bride and groom to ensure a great time is had by all. Also, we encourage our prospective clients to come and see us live! Call or email for upcoming dates!

Some of the other companies feel that they are the show and talk excessively on the microphone. Others may need to use costumes, props or gimmicks to get a crowd moving. Em Cee Squared uses the music. We read the crowd and play what keeps the dance floor packed all night long! By doing so, you’ll have a lifetime of wonderful memories to enjoy.

Having the experience and expertise of weddings, we make sure the night goes the way you want it to go. We work for you and we work harder to please you! It’s your wedding and our job to make it as special and as memorable as possible!